Trends That Should Be Left in the Past

Stay Away From These Trends When Styling Your Real Human Hair Given the versatility of today’s hair wigs for women, the style world is your oyster! Improvements in wig creation and production have made it so that literally almost any style you see on the runway, or your favorite celebrity, can be had with your wig. The advent of real human hair wigs has been largely instrumental in taking wig wearing from a dull adventure and turning it into a freeing and fun chance to experiment. While you are contemplating the style for your next wig, let us take a look at some past trends that are best left behind. Questionable Styles of Years Gone By:
  1. The Bra Strap Headband: Whoever decided that undergarments should be worn on the head was seriously misguided. Yet, somehow, the style took off and suddenly respectable women were walking the streets with a bra strap holding their hair back. We hope never to see the resurgence of this look!
  2. Cornrows: Need we say more. Not everyone can pull off this intense style, but the ‘90s saw hundreds of women desperately attempting to do so. Let us call that a lesson learned and move on.
  3. Crimped Hair: All the rage a decade or two ago. This started as fun way to add some crazy texture to your hair, but ended up just looking a little crazy. Today, thankfully, crimping irons are a rarity.
With the litany of amazing hair looks available to you today, there is no need to revert back to these!


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