Tempted By Ombre?

Human Hair Wigs In Ombre The latest hair trend to sweep the nation is ombre. It is still too early to tell if ombre is here to stay, or if it will die out like so many other fads. Regardless, thousands of women have jumped on the ombre bandwagon, and thousands more are wondering if this look is for them. Are you one of the wondering bunch? By now you know that your real human hair wig is completely ready to be dyed. You have just as much access to the stylist whims of pop culture as the rest of America. But will it work for your life? Before jumping on board and dying your human hair wig, consider the following. Ombre Considerations:
  1. Your Profession and Future Aspirations: Consider your workplace. The ombre look is on the trendy side of the scale. Not every workplace is ready for it. But, even more importantly, consider where you want your future to go. If you are hoping to move up in the corporate world, this might not be the look for you.
  2. Your Skin Tone and Wardrobe: A person can choose between one and three shades for their ombre look. When choosing your shade, consider your attire and skin tone. Basic dying guidelines should be followed for all three shades. Asking a hair dresser is probably the best bet here.
  3. Previous Color Activity: Has your wig been dyed before? If yes, corrective (and more drastic) measures will have to be taken. Weigh those actions carefully before deciding.


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