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Freeda: The Experts in Real Human Hair Wigs

Freeda Wigs Sheitels ManufacturerFreeda Wigs has earned its sterling reputation as a top-notch sheitels manufacturer through years of hard work and dedication. We take pride in our commitment to quality and style and demonstrate our allegiance to this ideal by producing real human hair wigs that are acclaimed by experts around the world.   Freeda Kugel, our founder and mentor, formed the business with a dream to bring a new level of sophistication to women's fashion. Through her continued guidance, the company has not only realized her initial goal, but surpassed it.   We believe the creation of a high-quality wig does not begin when the hair reaches the wig makers. A truly phenomenal wig must be supervised through every step of the process, beginning with purchasing the hair from top brokers to wefting and capping the the hair.   Each of the 300 experts involved in our wig-crafting process has been handpicked for his or her mastery of the craft. They perform their magic in an airy workshop sprawled across five acres.   After each wig has been expertly crafted, it is shipped to New York where our stylists mold it to its final breathtaking shape. The finished products are featured in our showroom in Brooklyn.   To purchase a luxurious wig from our collections, contact us at (718) 771-2000 or through our website at Freeda.com.


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