Why Are My Sheitels Tangled in a Ball?

SheitelsA common complaint among women who wear human hair wigs concerns tangled or matted hair. The sight of a several thousand dollar wig completely tangled and disheveled is disheartening, to say the least. Understandably, women want to know what causes this issue and whether or not it can be prevented.   There are several reasons for tangling, but in many cases it is the result of swelling of the wig due to moisture or humidity. When the wig swells, the hairs come in closer contact with each other and may tangle.   High-quality, minimally processed hair is much less susceptible to tangling. The reason for this is that as hair undergoes processing, the protective cuticle becomes damaged or removed. Without cuticles, the hair is more likely to become tangled. However, even the highest quality hair must be added to real human hair wigs by professionals who know how to keep the cuticles aligned. If hair is placed willy-nilly without regard to cuticle alignment, the possibility of matting increases significantly.   At Freeda, all our luxurious sheitels are constructed from the highest quality hair, and our experienced wig makers and stylists ensure the hairs are properly aligned. Unfortunately, manufacturing defects are an unavoidable possibility, so we do include a six month warranty with all our regularly priced wigs.


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