Faux Pas with Real Human Hair Wigs

SheitelsReal human hair wigs are designed to last for some time. By using proper storage and maintenance techniques, a wig can last for years. On the other hand, owners who stuff their wigs in sock drawers or wash them with the wrong products will soon find themselves bereft of their hairpieces.   We have collected some of the more common errors women make with their wigs.   1) Using the Wrong Equipment: All too often, women try to save money by not purchasing combs and brushes specially made for wigs. Regular hairbrushes and combs may be too rough for a wig and may cause irreparable damage. 2) Improper Washing and Drying: Just as there are proper tools for wig care, there are appropriate shampoos and conditioners. Ask a wig professional for a list of approved products. Allow wigs to dry naturally. Hair dryers can cause damage to the sensitive hairs of real human hair wigs. 3) Storing the Wigs Incorrectly: Wigs should never be stored in their boxes. Those are for travel only. Wigs must have ample room to breathe. They should be stored on wig heads or wire frames to allow them to maintain their distinctive shape. Additionally, care must be taken to ensure the temperature is not too hot or too cold for the wigs.   Whether they're called wigs or sheitels, these items tend to be expensive, so a little effort in proper care and maintenance will be worth it in the long run.


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