Hair Trends for Fall 2016


Hair trends for fall seem to be of the drastic sort. Trends like ‘20s inspired hair, like the cheekbone length bob Louise Brooks wore, are going to be the sought after style this fall. While Brooks look is precisely symmetrical- the 2016 version doesn’t have to be. Think short tousled imperfect hair that dries naturally. We love the following styles that would be a perfect match with our Dorothy wig.             fallhairblog fallhairblog1       fallhairblog4 fallhair                                                                    

Baby Bangs

Baby bangs are the micro short bangs that are snipped higher than eyebrow level. While many think of this daring style as an absolute never; (think Beyonce and the mayhem her baby bangs caused) there are those that pull off this statement making fringe.   beyonce-435    


  fallhairblog7     beyonce-435                                                                 Adding bangs immediately updates a hairstyle. Like any trend or style there is a right way and wrong way to do it. We’ve seen clients with chic looking baby bangs. It’s a good look for those who like bangs but dislike any hair in their face or in their point of vision.                    

The Lob

Every time I see a beautiful lob, my heart skips a beat. The lob will always be one of my favorite cuts; its classic, it’s trendy, it works in summer, it works in winter, it’s appropriate for all ages, it’s an all around perfect style. This style flatters all shape faces and textured. I couldn’t sing its praises enough; I just love the look of a long bob.         The lob will be back as a trend this fall. While the lobs of days passed were the messy bed-head variety, or styled with beachy waves, the lobs this fall will be more polished and sophisticated. To make your lob a classic have it cut with long layers and blunt ends.                 falla fallb                                                       Which fall style is your favorite?


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