Balayage , Ombre, Babylights

  Balayage , Ombre, Babylights .. Why are there so many names for things that seem like they all the same thing? It seems like years ago we either highlighted or lowlighted the hair, now there are half a dozen terms. Why are there so many terms and what do they mean?       Highlighting is when a hair color is lightened by depositing lightener or hair color to the hair. Lowlighting is when darker color is deposited on the hair to give an overall darker color to the hair. Highlights and lowlights can be done in many styles. Here is Freeda’s Color 101:       Babylights, foils, balayage, ombre, gloss, tipping are all different ways of highlighting the hair. There are some new terms that have recently made their way into a hairdresser’s dictionary. Here are some of the newer coloring methods that are trending right now.     Rooting At Freeda’s a term we use a lot is “rooting”. Rooting has always been a popular color procedure on wigs.  Rooting is when a darker color is added to the root of the hair. Rooting on wigs does two things, one it takes away the harsh line of highlights that start at the root. Think about smudging eyeliner to blend and make the line less obvious, rooting does the same thing for hair and makes any color application look much more natural.  The other thing rooting does is it makes the wig appear as if there is hair re-growth at the root where highlights have grown out since they were last done. Since hair re-growth doesn’t happen on a wig, the appearance of roots makes the wig very natural looking     longsho       Lived-In   If you follow any kind of social media (see Freeda’s FB and Instagram account) odds are you’ve seen the work of Ramirez, who created the style.  Lived in color is subtle way of highlighting the hair. Blends of colors from blonde to brunette will be woven together to create a lived in look. This technique creates a casual and laid back style.     blognewhairtrend       Crystallizing Crystallizing is a newer term when it comes to coloring the hair. Think of crystallizing the hair as topcoat of gloss. This topcoat creates a shine that adds dimension to the color. After the hair is colored and gloss is applied, the stylist will apply yet another coat of gloss (sometimes colored) to give extra sparkle to the hair.         Geode Hair Geode hair is a popular hair trend now, less so with wigs. Geode, like crystallizing, adds shine and sparkle to the hair. These colors are vibrant and bold colors less seen on wigs. These photos will summarize this look perfectly.     geode           Goede hair tries to mimic that sparkle of a cut gem. It seems completely out there for some, but we’ve done this look for more conservative styles.  Below we feature a sophisticated version of the purple highlight.       geode1   Balayage and Pintura You’ve heard of Balayage, the freehand style where color is painted on the hair, but what about Pintura? Pintura is Balayage for our curly topped crew. The color is painted in specific patterns to give a natural looking sun kissed color to the hair. Why so many terms? Everyone has different ideas of what highlights mean. The little differences give you the most control when communicating with your colorist. Pictures are also a great way to show your stylist exactly what type of color you want. Communication is the biggest barrier when discussing exactly the color you’re anticipating, and these terms help distinguish the nuances.         Freeda is proud of the extensive coloring services we offer. From babylights, balayage, rooting, foils, glosses and sombré (subtle ombre) we offer it all.      The dyes we use are gentle on the high quality wigs we carry. See our collage of some of our beautifully colored Freeda wigs.    hairbloghairlosss   pony1     braidblog1


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