We get a fair amount of calls asking if Freeda wigs have lace fronts.  While we can add a lace front to any wig purchase, our wigs are not created with a lace hairline. Freeda wigs have a durable, natural looking hairline that doesn’t require additional care without compromising that “growing out of your head” hairline.       A lace front will require a lot of attention and maintenance. You will constantly need to get it replaced after the duration of 6 months or less. Our wigs are made to last far longer, so for this reason we do not craft our hairline with a lace front. Our hairline is natural, comfortable and the upkeep of a Freeda wig is minimal.   After many questions about this a lace hairline, I decided to do research to see if this lace front was a good option for a hairline. To answer my questions I took my pondering to the web.     First I searched “What is a lace front wig?” The answer provided was “A lace wig or a lace front wig is a special type of hairpiece or wig in which human hair or synthetic hair is tied by hand to a sheer lace base which goes over the scalp.” That sounded good to me.   My search continued.  It seemed that all the lace front wigs that kept coming up where in the $60-$200 range. Hmm… definitely not Virgin European quality wigs that Freeda proudly constructs.       I wondered about lace fronts on good quality wigs but I wasn’t finding what I was looking for.  I decided to order a lace front custom made with Freeda’s virgin European hair.   The lace arrived. It had a clear mesh fabric with hair sewn in a backward direction. Here is what it looked like.   lace f    
  This is the close up of the lace front:   lace front blog         lace fr         At first glance I noticed the knots where the hair was sewn, but the lace looked like it would blend into the skin nicely. Our experiment was ready to begin.     A friend agreed to be my guinea pig. We attached the lace to her Freeda wig. This is how the lace looked on her hairline:   lcf     Her first comment was that she didn’t like the visible knots but once the wig was on the lace blended nicely and the knots weren’t obvious. She liked the ease of the off the face direction that the lace front afforded. We followed up with her three weeks later. The lace front looked great and natural. She mentioned that she had to be very conscious about being gentle with the front, and needed additional time to blend the lace with the wig, but she was happy with her hairline. The next time we did a follow up was three weeks later. The lace still gave the front a natural look. We didn’t see any big differences from week 3 to week 6.   We did the next follow up on week 9. The lace was somewhat curling up and more noticeably so.  With a little adhesive it was flat and looked beautiful. She mentioned that the hair on the lace was considerably thinner than the wig and that some of the hair where twisting to the wrong direction; not going back the way it was suppose to. We took the wig to our alterations department added a few strands to the lace, replaced the twisted hair and she was happy with the results.     By week 12 the lace no long sat as flat on her head, the ends had started to curl up. She said the lace had changed more after she washed and set her wig. She felt uncomfortable that it may be obvious up close that she was wearing a wig. She said some hair was still twisting forward and needed coaxing to sit properly. Overall the lace was in good shape and she agreed to continue our experiment.     By week 16 she asked us to remove the lace. She was spending more time then she wanted fussing with the hairline. She had to be cautious about treating it delicately while washing or brushing the wig. The wig wasn’t as easy to wear as the lace was now curling up more. She also felt with the lace front the wig had to be worn in the same direction and wasn’t as versatile as the multi directional was.     Even though there was life left to the lace we decided to remove it. While she enjoyed it at first it took too much energy and time to keep it in good condition. She missed the carefree wig that it once was. She commented that if she added a lace to a wig again it would be better on her second, less worn wig and that she had enjoyed the lace when the maintenance was low.     Here is the photo of the lace a few weeks later.   lace fron           lace front wig 1       To conclude: A lace front was originally created to make an inexpensive wig look more natural. It is perfect for a wig that will have a 3-6 month lifespan. On a Freeda wig the lace front would work well for someone who is willing to put in the maintenance it requires.  We would encourage those to try our hairline which is very natural and       If you’d like a lace front or any other type of hairline, a Freeda custom wig would be perfect for you. We assist our clients in giving you a wig that you will love and one that fits your lifestyle. Our Freeda hairlines are made on multidirectional crowns. We add short wavy baby hair to give the hairline a very natural look. The hairline will have the same lifespan of your wig with no additional maintenance. The hair will be able to be parted in any direction you want. See our beautiful and natural hairlines:   freeda blog ruthy       blog1         Danya             Below is a photo of a popular celebrity wearing a wig with a lace front. While the wig looks very natural on her, there is a very obvious lace bordering the entire hairline. For this reason we recommend trying out the hairline your Freeda wig offers, meticulously crafted with the highest quality hair.     lacefront22    


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