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 Bobby Pin Blog

    bpin1 The bobby pin, a wig wearer’s staple. You’ve used them more times than you remember and probably can’t do without them. This tiny, unassuming accessory rules with supremacy in the Freeda Wig salon. Today we talk about the wonderful, often overlooked bobby pin.         This overachieving hair accessory packs quite a punch. Its uses run gamut from household maintenance to culinary uses. It is a dependable, reliable accessory responsible for keeping a myriad of styles and coifs in place, (and those kippas affixed on little boy’s heads). Brides, runway models, and pretty much every fem you know couldn’t live without them. Today’s blog is dedicated to this must-have hair accessory; but first a little history.   bpin   The bobby pin was created in Paris by Luis Marcus all the way back in 1899. This small tool made of metal clips made with one straight and one ridged flexible prong, became popular and drew a broader audience in 1920 when the bobby pin helped keep the trendy bobbed style haircuts in place (hence the name “bobby” pin). In the UK bobby pins are called kirby grips or hair grips.       At Freeda Wigs we credit the bobby pin with a place of distinction in assisting to keep our wigs looking pristine. Here are some of our favorite wig styles that use of bobby pins held the strands in place.


This step-by-step up-do shown in a previous blog stays in place perfectly with help from the little magic tool.     5   Ruthy’s half up-do, tied in a knotted fashion tributes the bobby pin for it coveted wig perfection.
Faya’s and Perel’s gorgeous wigs are twisted in front and held in place by- you guessed it- our beloved bobby pin.  Also worth noting, this stylish, eye pleasing twisted ‘do can be done easily in seconds (even by the inexperienced wig wearer), for a fresh different look if you’re craving a wig style change. Why we really love it?  This bobby-pinned coiffure translates perfectly from daily wear to the events you’d don haute couture.



Speaking of couture, how brilliant would one look saunter in a room with this style? Keep this one for a professional, like the stylist with magic hands at Freeda wigs who weaves and creates these masterpieces.


And last, our ponytail wig (summer is coming up- the pony wig is perfect of those hot days) looks best with a few bobby pins concealed at various positions to keep the wig looking its best.       ponytail   All wigs shown are Freeda wigs and can be viewed on our website


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