Wig Myths

Real Human Hair Wig Myths The world of wig wearing is still relatively new to many people. Therefore, there are still a number of myths surrounding human hair wigs for women. Like most myths, there is rarely much truth in these myths. In this post we will list, and debunk, as many myths as possible. We want everyone to know that real human hair wigs are worlds different from their synthetic predecessors. Myth: All wigs are created equal. Fact: Like the hair we are born with, each wig style is uniquely created. Some are entirely human hair, some are a mix. There are as many variations as there are people. Myth: The wig you buy is the wig you will have forever. It cannot be styled or dyed. You are stuck with that style until you replace it. Fact: Thanks to the new technology that has been applied to hair wigs for women, the wigs you buy from Freeda Wigs can be cut, dyed and styled in exactly the same manner as natural hair. There is literally nothing you cannot do with your wig. Myth: Everyone knows you are wearing a wig. It is immediately obvious to all. Fact: All of the facts above mean that no one has to know you are wearing a wig. This is especially important to those wearing a wig for medical reasons. Regardless of why, your wig wearing is your business. Now that you can differentiate the true from the false, buy with confidence.


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