Wig Hacks

Wig Hacks


Adding Volume to Your Wig -so easy anyone can do it!

      Do you love extra height on the crown but don’t want to change the amount of hair the wig has?  Or maybe you want that pop of volume sometimes, like for a dressy occasion but you don’t want it to be your everyday look?       You’d be surprised at this little known trick we do that takes just a second but gives oomph and some va-va-voom to your wig. You don’t need to be a stylist; you don’t need a quick crash course at beauty school, you don’t need to have any hair added to your wig. Best of all, this is something anyone can do! And yet, one more thing that you won’t believe! This trick will cost you about a dollar!       What’s the trick? A shoulder pad!     Yes, for volume and height in the blink of an eye people will add a shoulder pad right under the crown of the head. No tools, no blow-drying, no rollers, just an easy fix for a new look you’ll love.     You can pin the shoulder pad into the crown but be careful not to pierce the multidirectional crown. (Those little holes cause the multi extra wear and tear that you’ll want to avoid.)       What a great wig hack! Stay tuned for other great hacks that will keep you loving your Freeda wig!  

  This dress updo with height on the crown can be created by simply adding a shoulder pad under your wig.  This look, created with our Riva long, can be viewed on our website at Freeda.com.       oscar2


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