What to Know When You Aren’t Wearing Your Wig

You’re meticulous with your wig. You brush it gently. You always store it on a head. You try to extend washings as much as you can.

You get an A, and you’re doing a great job making sure your wig lasts as long as possible. But have you thought about what is happening to your wig when it’s sitting on the head while it’s not being worn?

This is why we recommend covering your wig when you aren’t wearing it. We will explain.

Why You Should Cover Your Wig

Your Freeda wig is made of Virgin European hair. This means that the hair is reacting to elements around it, just as hair would.

Is the wig sitting in an unconditioned room? The hair can react to humidity and moisture in the air.

Is the wig near a window in direct sunlight? The wig can lighten

 Is a fan or cold air blowing on the wig? The movement could cause tangling or disturb the set.

 Cover the wig to keep it in the best condition.  

Types of Covers

 There are many suggestions on how you might cover your wig. You might experiment on the best cover for your wig.

Some suggestions for covering the wig:

  • A shower cap
  • A paper bag
  • A thin cotton scarf
  • An old Tee Shirt
  • A silky pillow case

Try the different options to see what works best for your wig to extend the longevity of your wig and keep you enjoying it for years to come .



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