Washing Your Wig: Does the Shampoo You Use Matter? 

Washing Your Wig: Does the Shampoo You Use Matter?


Does it matter what kind of shampoo I use to wash my wig? Should I be buying the pricier shampoos? Is a drug store shampoo okay for my wig?


There are over 100s of types of shampoos available and probably just as many opinions about the type of shampoo one should use when washing their wig. Are the pricy shampoos better for the wigs, what makes one better than the other?


Pricy shampoos and store shampoos are similar. They are both created with similar ingredients and both are meant to wash the hair. Just like wine comes in 10$ bottles and $400 dollar bottles there are many factors that cause the markup in price.The  the type of shampoo you prefer will largely have to do with your taste. This guide will help you decide what shampoo is best for your wig.


Salon Shampoo Vs. Store-brought Shampoo

Store brought shampoo is usually more diluted with water while a salon brand will be more concentrated. Store brought shampoo contains sulfates (the ingredient that causes the fun bubbles) and other fillers, while a salon brand will have more vitamins, minerals, and oils and less fillers and water.


Other factors, like the bottle and packaging will defer, but have no bearing on the products.


The bottom line is that choosing the right shampoo requires some experimenting with which formula is best for your wig. There are lots of affordable options that don’t compromise the quality of the shampoo. Which means you can purchase a cost effective shampoo and still get a good product.





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