Twisted Balayage

Twisted Balayage

Some trends and styles are classic and last through decades (think the bob). Color trends can vary greatly and be popular for a short time (think very chunky and contrasting highlights).

Some trends are so pleasing that they last years and years. Balayage is a trend that is having a long run. Balayage has been around since the 70s but because increasingly popular in 2008. The updated version this season is called twisted balayage which is a new spin on this ongoing trend.

Twisted balayage is just like it sounds. The technique: The stylist will section the hair, twist the ends and apply the highlight color. The color will be less concentrated and more natural, as if you had been in the sun.

Twisted balayage looks great in richer and warmer shades like cinnamon and hazelnut colors.

Are you thinking of leaving the ashy trend behind and embracing warmer shades? We are! See our 30/6/8 for a medium to light brown color with warm highlights, or 33/6.



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