Turning Tradition Into Fashion

Learn About Sheitel It has long been a tradition in the Orthodox Jewish religion for married women to wear half wigs, or sheitels, in accordance with Jewish Law (the Tzinut, in particular). Actual sheitel use and practice varies from one religious sect to another. In Hasidic sect, these sheitels are avoided because they give the impression that the woman’s head is uncovered. Other groups have their women wear some type of covering over the half wig to indicate what it is and that the head below is not, in fact, uncovered. Despite the controversy that has raged over this human hair wig for women, the fact remains that this is a tradition many women take very seriously and full adhere to. For them, their faith is worth whatever sacrifice it might sound like to cover up their real hair. They are blessed with such conviction in their faith that they willingly submit to its doctrines. That said, there is no reason that adhering to these traditional practices has to mean the end of your fashion sense. With the half hair wigs, sheitels, and full human hair wigs for women that are now available to everyone, religious women no longer have to choose between fashion and faith. They can fashionable stay true to their core belief systems. Thousands of women are breathing a giant sigh of relief.


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