Tricks of the Trade

♥Hello Freeda Friends!♥

 One of our most popular blogs has always been the Freeda tips and tricks. We’ve picked these tricks up along the way and share them with you to give you a better wig wearing experience. Many of these tips come from you, so please share any of your great ideas with us.    


1. For added comfort wear a Freeda band under your wig. It eliminates the need for any combs or clips and best of all it is super comfortable. Your wig will not slip or move and will stay snuggly on your head. At Freeda’s repair shop we can sew the band in the cap for additional convenience and comfort.     2. Travel with a wig head or an inflatable wig head let the air out when finished. It will take up no additional luggage space! As tempting as it is NEVER rest your sheitel on a lamp! The result is an automatic wig horror story! The electricity can cause a fire to catch and burn a hole in the crown. A wig head  or a dome shaped wig holder is essential for keeping the shape of your wig, and the best place to store your wig at night.     3. When using pins to secure your wig to the foam never place the pin on the multidirectional top. Pins in the multi cause holes that will decrease the lifespan of your wig, can cause shredding or tears in the delicate fabric.     4. If you like a super flat part on your wig, pin a business card over the part with a bobby pin overnight, your part with be nice and flat in the morning.     5. Bangs always falling in your eyes? At night pin the bangs a little higher than you would like them to fall, this trains the directions of the hair and the bangs will stop falling in your eyes!     6. When brushing your wig start at the bottom and work your way up.This helps to eliminate any hair breakage. Change your brush if the bristles aren't uniform or if the protective coating has rubbed off.     7. Washing a curly or wavy wig? Let the shaitel dry with the head on a tilted back, or completely upside-down. This helps the curl open up more for a bouncy look. Some like to dry their wig upside-down for lots of volume.     8. Wash your wig less, not more. As long as the hair underneath is clean the wig won’t need too much washing. We recommend going at least 6-8 weeks between washings.      

Please share some of your favorite tips with us for wig wearing  and maintenance.




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