Tips for Purchasing Your First Wig

Tips for Your First Wig Purchase

          When you start to shop around for a new wig the idea can be somewhat intimidating. We gathered information from first time wig wearers who experienced hair loss. We asked them for their best tips or advice for first time shoppers to help make this adventure more comfortable. Here is what they said:         I came with a friend who had worn a wig before, there were things I wouldn’t have known to ask about and her guidance was helpful.  -K.M.         I liked that Freeda was able to make little customizations for me.  I thought that the wigs hairline was a little unnatural looking and that I’d need to make do but the baby hair you added changed everything for me. No one at work even knows I wear a wig. -S. W.         The Freeda Band was a life saver. The wig cap was so itchy once I lost my hair that I wearing it mostly when I went out, the band allowed me to wear it for long periods of time. -P.L.         Your stylist made me feel comfortable; all the little things she suggested made the wig perfect for me. My hair is growing back but I find myself wearing the wig anyways, it’s so much nicer than my hair. -H.R. (Note:  Our stylist cut in layers that framed the face, added a root, and thinned out the crown of the hair.)       Buying a second wig took away a lot of anxiety for me. I stopped worrying what would happen if for some reason I couldn’t wear my “hair”. -F.Z.       Buying a high quality human hair wig made me feel like I had hair on my head. My first wig was made with processed hair and it never looked the same once I left the salon. -T. A.     Other online companies I researched had no return policies or really short time frames for return plus a restocking fee. This was my first wig, how would I know what color or size I needed? Your flexible return policy allowed me to order a few wigs and choose my favorite (I ended up keeping two!), I was also able to show them to the women who cut my hair and get her opinion. W. C.         We hope these tips help you in your search for your new wig. We invite you to offer support to others who suffer from hair loss by sharing what made your wig purchase less frightening.  Stay tuned for our next post of helpful advice.           Untitled Our customer who loves her first wig even more than her hair! She wears an Atara in color 4 with added highlights.      


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