The Proper Way to Pin Your Wig on the Mannequin Head

Pinning your wig on the head

When your wig is drying or when you’re not wearing your wig, it’s important to keep your wig resting on a head.

It might seem like a simple and unimportant detail, but it’s quite important.  The way you pin your wig will directly impact the longevity of your wig. There are important things you’ll need to keep in mind while your wig is at “rest” that will keep your wig lasting a long time.

You never want to pin the wig on the multidirectional crown. Pins cause little holes which add to the breakdown of the delicate material. The hair will also loosen in that area, causing bald spots.

You can pin the wig on the sides on the multi, just where the crown meets the ear tab; be sure to avoid the skin colored multi material.

When styling your wig you’ll need to secure the wig further; use pins on the bottom sides on the bottom of the ears and directly on the bottom of the nape.  



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