The Lob: Still Holding Strong

The Lob: Still Holding Strong

f you read this blog you’ll know that the long bob aka the “lob” is something I go crazy for. I just love this style. The lob is not short nor is it long, and it looks good on 5 year olds and 60 year olds. It works with oval shaped faces and round shaped faces, it’s just the most adaptable and flexible style. It is seen on those in classic attire and coveted by those who are trend pioneers     The lob is still hanging tight with no plans on going anywhere. Slightly updated to match the changing coveted trends, the lob is modernized and upgraded in this seasons summer tresses. Sharp blunt ends are featured on the updated version of the lob. While tousled and natural was the look for the last while, we are now seeing sleek hair void of the perfect disheveled that I so loved.   The style is slightly longer in the front and grazes the shoulder in the back to give the cut more depth and movement.  To add even more dimension the outer layer is blunt while the inside of the hair is slightly layered to give smooth movement to the hair. I also love it because it’s long enough to pull back during hot summer days.  With a wig you never have to commit to just one length, I’m a supporter of changing your wigs style and experimenting with long tresses, short, highlighted, mono-colored. We invite all to our showroom to meet our friendly Freeda team where you can try on lobs or other styles you’d like to try.  See our Riva Short or our Liberty wig, both perfect styles to create the lob.     mirablog2  

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