The Birth Of Freeda

How Freeda Became The Human Hair Wig Experts After browsing our site for a few minutes, surely you started wondering how the idea and the business came to be. This post is designed to answer that with  a brief history of the founder of Freeda Wigs. One thing that is for sure is that we did not become the trusted name in real human hair wigs overnight. It took countless hours of work and a woman with a relentless vision. Freeda Kugel got in start in the Ukraine before the second world war. She was born into a large, loving Jewish family and moved to Israel for a few years before eventually settling in New York in 1964. She moved to America to pursue her dream of bringing a new level of sophistication to women’s beauty. Once here in America, she immediately began training as a hair and wig stylist. Thus began her obsession with hair wigs for women. She spent weeks experimenting with different colors and styles to create wigs that were beautiful and as human like as possible. She understood the importance of a wig looking genuine. In 1993, Freeda moved back to the Ukraine and, with a team of experts, opened a factory there. Her vision and popularity grew steadily into what it is today. Today Freeda divides her time between New York and the Ukraine to ensure quality output in every factory. Check out the end result on our website, or visit our New York location see for yourself.


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