The Best Shampoo for Treated Hair

We recently posted a blog about shampoo and discussed if pricier versions were actually better for your wig than the store brands. While price shouldn’t necessarily be a factor in your shampoo, there are other musts and must nots when determining the best shampoo for your wig. 
If your wig has highlights or any color at all you MUST use a color safe shampoo when washing your wig.
Why:  Other shampoos contain oils that strip the color while cleaning the hair. This is why wigs will become brassy after a few washings.
If your wig needs some gentleness you should NOT use shampoo with sulfate.
Why: Sulfates are an ingredient in laundry detergent, while it’s very good at removing dirt and oil it is also harsh on the hair. Sulfates strip away the hair’s natural moisture. Sulfate free shampoo is gentler on your wig. Sulfates are responsible for the bubbles in shampoo, so don’t worry if you aren’t seeing the same amount you are used to seeing.
If you had a keratin treatment on your wig you MUST use a shampoo that is made for keratin treated hair.
Why: Regular shampoo will strip the treatment off the hair. You don’t need to buy a pricy shampoo; there are drug store brands that are made for keratin treated hair.
If you’ve done any treatment on your wig you should NOT use shampoo that contains sea salt. If you swim in your wig, completely wet the hair with water before you swim. Be sure to wash your wig with a gentle shampoo afterwards.
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