The Back Of Your Wig

How Natural Does the Back of Your Wig Look?

We often don’t think about the back of our wig and how natural it looks. However the shape of the wig determines how natural your wig will appear.

Your wig will look most natural if the cap of the wig molds closely to the shape of your head.

The Steps:

  • First you’ll make sure the wig fits well.
  • Next you’ll make sure your hair underneath is pinned flat with no bumps.

This last tip will help the cap mold closely to the shape of your head and make the wig look like the hair is growing out of your head.

  • First you’ll place the wig on your head then instead of sectioning off the hair to set it up for styling you’ll leave the hair down.
  • Using a blow drier you will  heat up the cap
  • With the blow drier’s nozzle touching the crown run the blow drier  downward over the sides of the wig
  • Don’t forget the back the of head

As the cap heats up it will conform to the shape of the head allowing for the most natural look.



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