Summer Trends

          In Brooklyn, where Freeda Wig headquarters stand, if often feels like summer will never really be here. But June and all things summer will be here before you know it. Hair trends in the summer often follow styles that keep hair off the face and neck, anything that will keep us cooler during the hot summer months. Buns and braided updos will always be a “mane” event in summer hair, but there are some variations that we find ourselves excited about. We explored Pinterest in quest to find some styles that will keep you looking –and feeling cool. We can’t have a summer hair list without a bun updo. This one is perfect; it’s relaxed and pulled together at the same time. This look has a subtle root and slight highlights. Pull out a few wisps for a laid-back, casual vibe. This look would be perfect for the Freeda Ponytail wig, a staple for the summer, seen below on the right.       Ponytail                                                   This next summer style is absolute imperfect perfection. This isn’t a look for those who like a super polished blow-dry and curl. This is for those to covet beachy-headed manes that cause strangers to come over and study your look. This half-do has the bun, the beachy waves and the messy braid. Let down the bun and pull back into a pony when you want to cool off. This look has lighter ends which adds to its summery vibe.                 ×✧we ғoυnd love.✧× ↠{VolleyballBeaυт}↞:                   The Pearl, one of my favorite wigs in our collection, would be perfect for this summer trend. The Pearl is thick and full, has naturally wavy hair that air-dries to beachy perfection. The Pearl which has been part of our collection for over a decade is the longest wig we carry as part of our stock and boasts 27” from the top of the crown. Need even longer? We can custom-make a wig just for you. Contact us at 718-771-2000 for inquires.                 Human Hair Wigs For Women Look and Feel Good                                                                             We haven’t forgotten about our shorter haired friends. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered for the summer. At Freeda we never grow tired of the lob. The lob, a longer version of the bob, is so versatile. Wear it textured, wear it wavy, with bangs, without the possibilities are endless. Here are some lobs we love.                     blog2                                                 The Lob works well with our Riva wig. The Riva comes in two lengths, the Riva Short at approximately 14” and the Riva Long at about 16”. The Riva is straight, but its hair has body and texture and will hold a wave or curl. The Riva pictured below (left) is a straight textured wig that’s been styled wavy. The Friends style on the right will also work for a lob.                       Buying Your First Human Hair Wig     blog                                                       Faya, one of our favorite customers, wears her Freeda Wig in a perfect bob. Have you seen our makeover video with Jamie Geller? She now sports a Lob as well. We won’t spoil the surprise – watch the video to see her new beautiful look.         blog1                                                 This throwback of Adi Heyman, social media star, and creator of, is wearing a Lob that she created from our Atara wig. Our employee on the right wears a Lob created from the Riva wig.                                   adi   blog3                                                   Which of our summer styles is your favorite? We love to hear your feedback!              


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