Securing Your Wig

There will be lots of options on keeping your wig securely on your head.  The type of security will be based on preferences or the density of one’s hair.

Just the Wig

Because of our vast range of sizes as well as our professional fit specialist, your wig can be tailored to fit your head perfectly. This allows for the wigs to be worn without clips/combs or other methods. For further security our wigs have elastic straps that can be tightened.

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins can be placed on the sides of the wig. With an open wefted cap you can also pin the wig through the weft onto the hair.

Clips or Combs

Our wigs will come with a comb in the front and two clips by the ears. You can modify and or experiment with clips or combs in all sorts of ways. There are those who wear just one comb in front, just clips, additional clips or combs all throughout the circumference, or at the nape.  Some even like clips or combs in the middle of the cap. This method will work for those with hair under the wig. You can request that your wig come with no combs or clips.

Freeda Band

The band will be an option for both those with hair and without. The band is comfortable and soft, which makes it a very good option for those who experience sensitivities when wearing a wig. Wear it under the wig for a secure fit. The bands has a Velcro closure in the back that can be worn tighter or looser. One side will grip onto the skin or hair and the other will adhere to the wig. The band will also secure a scarf or a beanie to prevent slippage.


Using the same type of material as the band, a lining can be sewn directly into the wig. You’ll have the convenience of not applying the band daily.


Tape is an option for those without or very little hair. Toupee tape or sports tape will give the wig more hold. There are options for tape that are less strong. Simply place the tape anywhere you want in the wig. It’s best to use the tape on areas that don’t have any hair.


Glue comes in different forms. There are lighter strengths and heavier. Some types of glue can keep the wig securely on the head for days at a time. Apply the glue and wait about 30 seconds.  When the glue becomes tacky you can place the wig on your head.  Wig glue will wash off with soap and water. Stronger glues will need specific solutions for removal. You’ll want to use the glue on areas with no hair. Please call us if you need assistance figuring out the best option for you.



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