My Mimi Wig – A Unique Customer Profile

My Mimi Wig – A Unique Customer Profile

We are always happy when our clients share their experience of wearing a wig with us. People would be surprised at the many reasons people choose to wear wigs. This one client loves his wig and his story is unique. In his own words, this is his experience.

“I am a military reenactor (living history) portraying a 17th century Spanish Army soldier at a local National Monument in St Augustine, Florida.   My outfit - it is civilian attire/guy fashion for 17th century European men as uniforms for most countries were not adopted until the late 1600s.

  As a history professor, I wanted to ensure that everything that I wear is as authentic as is humanly possible and while I had no problems with the clothing, accouterments and weapons, being bald prevented me from having the proper hairstyle. In those times even bald men wore their long below the shoulder back then which is something that I do draw the line with.   As such, I turned to women's wigs to replicate the proper, historically accurate male hairstyle of the day which was long and parted down the middle.  Given that I fire matchlock black powder weapons, I cannot use synthetic wigs and must wear human hair.

After doing some research, I opted for Freeda's Mimi in 27/27/30.  Over the past few weeks I've engaged with literally hundreds of visitors and all - especially the women who almost always ask - believe that this is my real hair - NOBODY has ever claimed that it’s a wig!  All of them have commented that the natural wave pattern is "absolutely beautiful" and how lucky I am to have such great hair - something I can readily agree to!  Thank you Freeda!”

Thank you for sharing your story. We’d love to share more stories about why you wear a wig.  We welcome you to share your story with us by emailing us at



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