Measuring Yourself For A Wig

How To Measure For Your Human Hair Wig When it comes to hair wigs for women, getting a correctly sized wig can make all the difference. It can literally mean the difference between a show-stopping head of hair and a wig effect that looks more like a costume than anything nature would have provided for you. Therefore, knowing how to measure yourself for a wig is crucial. Guide To Head Measurements:
  1. Tie your natural hair up into a bun so that your hair is pulled back and lies flat on your head.
  2. Place the end of a tape measure at your hairline. The tape measure should start in the middle of the front of your head. Make sure the side with the measurements is showing.
  3. Gently wrap the tape measure around your head along the hairline. To get the best measurement, go over one ear, continue around the nape of the neck, pull over the other ear until you reach your starting point. This is the circumference of your head. Make note of this number.
  4. Starting at the same point as in the previous step, pull the tape measure straight back over your hair and to the nape of your neck to measure the length of your head.
  5. Place the end of the tape measure in front of one ear on the hairline and pull straight over the top of the head to the other side. This will measure the width.
Once you have those three numbers, you are all set to buy your real human hair wig!


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