Maintaining Your Wig After Getting Caught in a Drizzle

What to do when you get caught in a drizzle?
Getting caught in the rain doesn’t equal wig disaster.

You may think so. Your set is ruined and your wig doesn’t look right. You have an event tonight and no time to get to your stylist.  What should you do?

When you get caught in a slight drizzle the weather will give your hair a little texture. Textured hair is perfect for a hand scrunched, natural beachy looking style.

Here’s how you do it:

If the hair is pretty wet use a generous amount of volumizing mousse and run it through the hair. With a towel scrunch your hair upward trying to create waves and to dry the hair as much as possible. Once the hair is drier you can use the fingers to further emphasize the wave.

If you’ve been caught in a light drizzle and the hair is damp rather than wet, use a serum on the tips of the fingers. Rake through the hair and use the fingers to scrunch. Finish off with a light hairspray.

The result will be a natural looking easy wave that looks so cute you’ll look forward to getting stuck in the rain again.



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