Just in time for summer... The Ponytail wig

  Our Pony Wig

ponyblog       At Freeda Wigs we can almost predict the weather by our increased requests for Ponytail wigs.  As soon as the lemonade stands come out and the winter fashions head to clearance racks the demand for Pony Wigs increase. Ponytail wigs are a staple for those hot summer months.    Fashionable and practical, they keep the hair off the neck for cooler comfort. Ponytail wigs never go out of style, in fact the popularity of pony trends have shown up on the red carpet as of late.  A casual style that is comfortable and also fit for a princess? Sign me up!      





Celebrities and royalty are turning this go-to gym staple into high-profile worthy hair. At Freeda we are right up there with them. See our take on ponytail hair, all created with Freeda wigs.       ponytail    pony3  pony1       Spend this hot season in comfort and try our pony wig, available here.


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