How to Use a Flat Iron on Your Wig

Here are Step-by-step instructions for using straightner.

You will need:

  • A wig head
  • T-pins
  • A table clamp or tripod
  • Claw style hair clips
  • Hair spray and heat protectant spray
  • A comb or brush

A tourmaline or ceramic iron is a good option; it heats up evenly and reduces frizz.

Wash Your Wig

Start with clean hair. Use shampoo and conditioner for sleek and smooth hair. While the hair is still damp use a heat protectant as well as mousse for volume. Gently comb the product through the hair.

Dry the Wig

 It’s best to air dry the wig if you can to avoid more heat on the hair. However, you may blow-dry the hair if needed.  Blow- dry the hair once it is halfway dry. The hair should be completely dry before you start using your iron. Comb or brush the hair so it is free of knots.  

When the hair is completely dry you are ready to start.

Prepare the Iron

Turn on the iron and adjust the heat setting. The thicker and more texture the hair has the higher the temperature should be. If your wig has thinner and sleeker hair you’ll want the lowest setting to avoid burning the hair.  There will also be a numbered heat setting near the switch that you can adjust to your desired heat level. Always set your straightener to the lowest temperature to avoid damaging your hair.

Separate your hair sections

Pin the wig securely on a wig head. Separate the hair into sections. A thicker wig should be separated into more sections. You’ll want to make the sections thick enough so they easily pass through the plates of the straightener. Clip the sections you are not using out of the way.

Pull the Hair Taut

You’ll want to avoid passing the hair through the iron more times than necessary. Place the straigtener as close to the roots as possible .If you straighten the roots at the same time you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary heat on the wig.  Pull the hair taut. You’ll want to create enough tension to let the iron glide easily through the hair but not too taut to create hair damage. In one hand use a comb to pull the hair taut and in the other hand run the straightner down the hair.

Finishing Off the Wig

To prevent the hair from frizzing you should use a light hairspray and mist over the hair. Wait until the hair cools down completely and brush through your wig. Spray the wig with hairspray then finish up with a quick comb through once again.

Clean the Iron’s Plates

As you use the iron buildup on the iron will occur. Buildup will cause the plates to heat up unevenly. Use a damp cloth to clean the plates to keep the iron in good condition.

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