How to Keep Haircolor From Fading

How to Keep your Hair-color from Fading

Scenario: You leave the salon loving the new color of your highlights, feeling like a supermodel. But now 3 weeks later your hair just doesn’t look the same. Your color starts looking dull and lost shine. Why does that happen? What can we do to maintain our glossy mane? With a few tricks your hair can look as shiny as it once did.
I can’t remember the first time I colored my hair but likely between my wigs and hair I’ve sat in that salon chair at least 50 times. Never once in 10 years did I make sure that my hair or wig was washed only with a color protective shampoo and conditioner.


Shampoo’s job is to remove dirt and keep your strands squeaky clean. When using a regular shampoo it can strip the color molecules off colored hair. Color-safe shampoos are gentler on the hair, they don’t contain sulfate or alcohol and they usually contain added moisturizers. The lead colorist at Oscar Blonde, the hair mecca of the stars, said that he can instantly tell whether customers have been using color-safe shampoo or not.
The next word of advice would be something your dermatologist has been telling you for years; “Get. Out. Of. The. Sun.” Just like your skin, your hair and wig need protection from the sun. The heat is a big factor on how well your color will maintain itself. Flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers are all heated tools that contribute to the breaking down of color. To protect the hair always spray a heat protectant over your strands before using any heat. Many of the sprays have UV protection as well, which will protect the color from the sun. Throwing a hat over your mane is always a good idea if you will be in the sun for a while. Remember, using a professional to maintain your wig is the best assurance that the hair will be cleaned and styled properly with the right products for optimal longevity.

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