Help! My Freeda wigs needs styling but I can’t get to the salon.

What do you do when you get caught in the rain and can't get to a stylist immediately? Or when a last minute dinner invitation turns up when your wig is looking less than perfect? Don’t decline that invitation and make plans for finishing yesterdays leftovers just yet, Freeda Wigs to the rescue! It’s hard to constantly maintain a perfect mane. Rain, frizz and plain old scheduling can get in to the way of wig perfection, even on a top quality human hair wig. If you are anything like me, the YouTube tutorials that explain how to style your hair into beachy waves or simple chignons fill me with intense dread. With my two left hands I could never get my wig into a style that mimics a professional's touch, no matter how many videos or Pintrest posts I study. What saves me on a day that I need to look presentable is something anyone can do. You will look chic, fun and polished. What is this marvelous tress savior I am referring to? I’m talking about the scarf, of course. Scarves come in all types of textures and prints. They can be worn during all seasons. I save my gray tweed, wool and cashmere scarves for winter. In the spring and summer months I adore my silk or cotton colorful prints. The colorful scarves that are bursting with bright hues. The yellow, orange and green prints put me in a good mood and give me character. I love how the colors woven through my wig brighten up a neutral ensemble, how they can transform my look into a boho princess, a chic 40's housewife, or a hippie goddess. There are those who find this trend tricky, but don't be scared, anyone can pull it off. All it takes is a mist of your favorite hair product, a twist and a knot. In fact, The 40’s poster child of this scarf toting style, Rosie the Riveter, didn’t own a blow-dryer and managed to look quite fierce. Here are some of my favorite ways to wear a scarf. First I spray my Freeda human hair wig with a light leave in conditioning spray and gently comb through. To start, pin the hair back at the nape of the neck. Next tie the scarf and make a knot on top of the head. Lastly, pull out some bangs for a more dramatic looking style. Finish with aviators or round sunglasses to look impossibly haute. How easy was that? Look how cute your wig can look even when your wig is due for a washing and styling. The knotted style looks cute in many ways. You can experiment with the scarf knotted at the nape, pinning the hair up or leaving the hair down, braided hair also looks adorable and trendy. I’ve included some of my favorite scarved coifs as inspiration. Let us know your own twist on this style.zzzz zzzzz zzzzzz


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