From Day to Night -How to Give Your Wig Some Glamour

If you’re looking for an easy day to night look we have some styles to share that are easy, no fuss and don’t require any blow dryer or heating tools.

These will all take under ten minutes and all will only require a few bobby pins to complete the looks.  These are some of our go-to looks that will upgrade your wig in a jiffy.

Some of our favorites:

  • Take the two sides of the wig and twist each side under the crown. Pin the hair loosely towards the back to pull the hair away from the face.  Leave a few wisps on the side to frame the face.
  • Take two sides of the hair and braid each side. Pull them back until they meet, then wrap one over the other. Tuck the ends in and pin in place.
  • Gather the hair on the crown and tease. Pull the hair back into a half pony. Using your fingers pull up the hair on the crown to create height.
  • Use a pin or headband with sparkles, crystals, stones or any ornate details to add a dressy element to your wig.

These are some of many quick and simple ways to take your wig from a day to night look. Which look is your favorite?



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