Fighting Dry Hair in the Summer Months

Sun can cause hair damage and dryness. This is because heat and sun oxidize the wig, leaving the beautiful hair dry.  It can be hard to always keep the hair protected in summer months. It means not forgetting sunscreen spray for hair, keeping a hat with you and avoiding the sun.

If you find that your wig has experienced sun damage and dryness, don’t despair. An easy solution is available to fix damage for sun may have caused. You might think the solution lies in harsh chemicals and abrasive treatments.

The opposite is true, Freeda uses a treatment that rejuvenates the hair and shields its cuticles. It adds softness and high shine to the hair. It strengthens the hair and prevents hair breakage and split ends. It also moisturizes the hair which decreases typical knotting. It builds and strengthens the hair after other chemical treatments like perms and hair color treatments.

This treatment is called Magic Sleek. (If you rather not reveal the treatment I can leave it out)

 While other salons use keratin treatments which contain formaldehyde and a cocktail of other hard to pronounce chemicals, this treatment uses none. This treatment uses tannin, amino acids and natural argon oil. This treatment is uniquely different than the others it is completely safe to use on all hair types and textures.

This treatment will last through hundreds of washings, yet it’s gentle enough to do whenever you feel your hair needs a boost.

If you’re feeling dryness after the summer months or for any reason at all call us at Freeda’s and arrange for this deep conditioning treatment.



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