Facts of Hair part 2

Facts of Hair part 2

        sombreblog2       We had such great feedback from our first blog about hair facts that we decided to make a part 2. I’ve learned things about hair that I never knew. Hair is so interesting!         Fun Fact:   Ever wonder what is the difference between blond and blonde are? Blond is used when referring to males, or both males and females and when the gender is not known. Blonde is used when describing females.  Another interesting tidbit; “fair” was the way the color was described before the term blonde came into use.   Have you heard of the terms “brunette” and “brunet”? While you may have never heard of the term brunet, it is a term used when referring to a male with brown hair. The extra “te” at the end was used when referring to a brown haired female. Today the term “brunette” is used almost exclusively. At Freedas our tow headed beauties are referred to as “blonde”. We also use the international color numbering system to represent the different colors and shades.   Our blonde colors are 14/8, 16/8, 16/10, 24/14/12 and 24/16/10 Pictured is our Atara in color 24/14/12 and Danya in a 16/10       blog2         Fun Facts: The world's longest documented hair measured 18 ft 5.54 in. When sewing the hair into a wig it loses two inches of its length.  It is very hard to find healthy hair that is longer than 18”, it is quite scarce. The longest wig we’ve made at Freeda measured approx. 35 inches long. It is very hard to find quality hair in that length – and wigs that long are custom-made. The longest wig Freeda carries in our stock is our Pearl whichmeasures 27”.         shifra2         Fun Fact: A single strand of hair can support up to 100 grams in weight. A Freeda wig is constructed to be as weightless as possible for optimum comfort without compromising our durability in any way; they are created to be long-lasting. A Freeda wig is created to be worn for many hours daily and our lightweight caps will help keep you comfortable all day long.         hair         Fun Facts: Contrary to popular belief cutting hair won’t make it grow faster or slower.  Your wig, of course, doesn’t grow- however, even better, you can buy a Freeda wig in every length, so you never need to choose between short or long hair. Our wigs come in all different lengths the shortest wig is the Linda- a cute little pixie – all the way to our Pearl, which is waist length.        



          Fun Facts: This fact IS true:  Stress will turn your hair gray. Stress causes damage to your DNA which will also deplete the melanocyte stem cells in hair follicles. Because it is hard to find healthy gray hair that meets our high standards, we don’t make gray wigs. We can add gray hair to an existing wig. Pictured below is a dark brown wig that we sewed in gray hair.           toupee2           Fun Fact: Hair contains information about everything that has ever been in your bloodstream, and is one of the most commonly used types of forensic evidence. Freeda will test all our hair to make sure the hair is from a healthy source.  Healthy hair has no shelf life- the caps on the wigs will absorb more wear and tear, while our hair resists most of the elements.      


        Fun Fact: Hair is the second fastest growing tissue in the body. We have made hair “grow” in our alterations department. After a distraught customer cut bangs that were too short Freeda removed each hair one by one and replaced it with longer hair. This takes hours, so careful with those cuts. We’ve also added longer wefts to the sides and back of a wig when customers wanted longer wigs, or more length around the face.        


          Fun Fact: Do you think you can tell the difference between male strands and female strands? You can’t, there is absolutely no difference in the makeup of male or female in its construction or process of growth. So, it is possible that a Freeda custom toupee could be made out of a female’s hair and vice versa.     highlight         There are so many amazing virtues of hair, from how it is created, to how it transforms and how it changes the confidence or look of the individual.  We invite you to come visit our showroom and try on our wigs, made from the best hair in the industry.    


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