Everything You Need To Know About Brushes

Everything You Need To Know About Brushes

The Paddle Brush

The paddle brush is an all in one brush. It’s good for many things.

You can use it to detangle and brush your wig before styling it, you can you use it to blow dry and tease the wig.

Try one with round nylon bristles and a padded air cushion.

The Natural Boar Round Brush

The round brush helps tame more textured hair and smooth fly aways. It creates soft waves while adding sheen and bounce to the hair. The round brush comes in varying sizes. For a tighter wave use a smaller sized brush, as well as if your hair is shorter. A smaller brush is also great for blow drying bangs.  A larger brush is good for a subtle wave and creating big volume and body.

The Metal Round Brush

The metal brush will heat and will lock in curls more easily. It’s also good for blowing the hair with the ends curled in or out. Most will have vents to allow a smooth airflow which will allow the hair to dry quickly and evenly. You’ll want to use the dryer on a lower setting to avoid the hair heating up too hot.

A Mixed Round Brush

A mixed brush will have both boar and nylon bristles. It gives you a little more tension than a metal brush. This brush is good for smoothing the hair and for creating volume.

A Teasing Brush

A teasing brush is the best way to give lift to your roots. You can use it to tease the wig for volume. A teasing brush will add texture which is also good for creating updos. Be careful not to cause breakage to the hair when using the teasing brush.  



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