How To Keep Your Blowout Straight and Sleek In Humid Weather

 Keeping a sleek blowout starts when the hair is washed so be sure to use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner.

The changing weather can mean increased humidity. To keep a straight blowout in the summer months is possible but will need some extra TLC. These 6 tips will keep your blowout looking fresh and frizz free.

When the hair is damp apply an anti frizz serum. Apply it only on the ends of the hair or work your way down from the mid-section of your hair.

Be sure to dry the hair completely with a round brush. Any slightly wet pieces will blow up the second you step outside.

Don’t forget to. use a heat protectant spray before blowdring or using a flat iron.

Use a good quality flat iron. A good iron will heat up evenly, creating shiny hair, and eliminates frizz all at the same time.

Last, you’ll want to lock in the beautiful blowout with hairspray

Small touch ups go a long way. You can iron small sections or run a dryer sheet over your hair if you feel like the humidity interfered with your blowout.



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