Curly Wigs that “Wash and Wear”

Curly Wigs that “Wash and Wear”

Wearing a wig in a natural air-dried manner is a popular growing trend. Our Maya, Danya, Mimi, Atara and Pearl all dry naturally with a wave or a curl. Here are our best tips for wearing curly or wavy air-dried styles.   oscarsblog     Air-dry the wig on an angle You’ll have to get a wig clamp for this, but the results will be worth it. Drying the wig on an angle will allow the curl open up more, resulting in a bouncier curl.     Picture4       Air-dry the wig upside down   To create a look with lots of volume pin the damp wig on a head with the nape on the top and the crown on the bottom. You can also hang the wig on a hook with the up side of the wig down. Air-dry the wig completely upside down for a full style with abundant volume. This tip works well on a straight wig as well as on a dry wig.       wavy airdried blogdanya     Get to “know” the hair on your wig       The products that worked best on your hair are the ones you’ll be naturally drawn to. There may be better products for your wig. Experiment with the many products on the market for waves and curls. Our Freeda stylist can recommend the best products to use based on the look you want to achieve.      


        All wigs shown are naturally dried Freeda Wigs. Our company prides ourselves on being the only company with wash and wear curly wigs. See Freeda’s curly styles and all our wigs here.


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