Coloring your Wig

The right hair color can transform your look - brighten your skin tone, give your wig uniqueness ,and add sparkle to your eyes.     One of the most common questions we get here at Freeda Wigs is whether coloring their wig will damage the hair and compromise their wig. People are right to be concerned, our wigs are high quality and meant to last a long time, we wouldn't want to recommend anything that would compromise the wig in any way.     The beauty of a unprocessed 100% virgin European wig is that you can treat the hair the same way you would treat your own hair. That means with the styling, blow-drying and coloring too, if you can do it to your hair, you can do it to the wig. Of course we have recommendations to maintain the integrity of the wig.     Do a strand test By the time you've decided to go ahead and add color to your wig , you may be tempted to jump headfirst into the project. It is worth waiting 24 hours and testing a strand of hair from the underside of the wig. A strand test will tell you 1) if you like the color and if it matches well with the base of the wig and the tone of your skin. 2) It will tell the colorist how long to leave the color on to get the results you desire.     Always use a professional. It can seem very simple to purchase a box of color from the drug store and attempt to color your wig on your own. While you may get it right, its not recommended. Most of the time the color results are from the skill and experience of the stylist performing the service. Skill and experience are things that cannot be substituted at home. Professionals will understand the condition and texture of the hair they are working on , the color levels or how to work around previous colorings or perms. Something as simple as not washing the wig out properly can damage the wig tremendously and can be very pricy to fix, so always use a professional.       Use color-safe shampoo and conditioner Color-safe shampoos are void of ingredients that will strip the hair of its color. Color-safe products are more gentle and will keep your hair color looking vibrant. Enjoy those beautiful colors !


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