Change Your Hairstyle in Less Than 30 Seconds!

Change Your Hairstyle in Less Than 30 Seconds!



It seems impossible or only for the extremely talented but it’s true. There’s no taking your wig to a stylist - you can also do this switch yourself in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.


Be it the changing season or just because you feel like it, we sometimes feel like our wigs must have a change. Before you do anything drastic to your wig like bold highlights, cutting off length or a blunt bang try these instant changes to upgrade your style.


This quick new looks don’t involve scissors or bleach and you’ll have everything you need laying around the house.


So what are we suggesting? Something as simple as switching up your part can change your look a whole lot more than you think. With the Freeda wigs that boast multi-directional parts you can rock a middle, off center or deep left or right part. It’s super simple too; spray the part and surrounding hair, comb the hair over to the new desired part. Blast the area with a little heat from a blow drier and boom! A new look in under a minute.


The next tip is even simpler and takes even less time and no tools at all.  How about trying the behind the ear hair-tuck. How simple is that? Tucking the hair behind your ear will open the features, you can add a bold earring to give your look every more change. This is so simple, easy to do and really transforms your look. If you feel that the ear piece on the wig looks too naked or stark you can add soft wavy baby hair to the wig’s ear tab. We do this service in our Freeda showroom in under an hour!


If you’re already showing those ears in a behind-the-ear style, try styling your wig loosely around the face. Add a loose beachy wave or leave it as is. How about that? New look with no tools and easy as pie!

                    Call the Freeda Alterations center at 718-771-2000 if you’d like to add baby hair to your wig or to visit our Freeda showroom.


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