Caring For Your Wig During The Winter Season

Caring For Your Wig During The Winter Season

During winter months your wig will likely need special care through the freezing temperatures, and bundles of winter gear.  The lack of moisture in the air during this weather can also cause the hair to be dry.

Here are some tips to keep your wig in tip top shape.

Deep Condition Your Wig

Your scalp excretes oils that moisturize and protects your hair. Since your wig doesn’t do that it’s important to use a good conditioner when you wash your wig.  You might consider a deep conditioning treatment during colder weather as the lack of moisture in the air causes dryness.

Limit Use of Heat

Limit your use of heating tools like curling irons, flat irons, hot rollers, and hair dryers as much as you can. Heating tools extract moisture from the hair so airdrying your wig, cold rollers, and using heat tools sparingly will benefit the hair.

Completely Dry Your Tresses

Don’t go outdoors if your wig is damp, make sure it’s completely dry. Cold weather can cause the hair to become brittle and breakable which causes split ends.

Untangle Your Wig

You’ll want to tend to tangles and knots as they happen. Every night you should comb the hair gently to ensure the hair is tangle free. Always use a light touch when you comb the hair, or even when removing clips, bobby pins, or ponytail holders.


With gentle care your wig will last beautifully and remain healthy for a long time.



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