Caring For Your Real Hair Wig

Human Hair Wig CareGiven that purchasing a real human hair wig is an investment, you will want to know the basics of caring for your wig. When well cared for, hair wigs for women can stay looking brand new for years. But, like natural hair, this requires a bit of knowledge that does not necessarily come naturally. Consider this your wig care cheat sheet. First and foremost, you will need to learn how to keep the shape of your real human hair wig. This is easily done by purchasing a waterproof mannequin head or block. Not only will this mannequin keep the shape when you are not using the wig, it helps with the cleaning process. Use T-pins to secure the wig to the mannequin head when cleaning or styling your wig. Human hair wigs for women should be cleaned and conditioned regularly to avoid buildup. Feel free to use normal shampoos and conditioners on your wig. Be sure to let your wig air dry completely before wearing. In terms of coloring your wig, it is best to consult a professional colorist. Many human hair wigs are already processed for color and achieving the results you are looking for can be tricky. A trained colorist will know how to do this properly. Your wig can be styled just like regular hair. Heated appliances like curling irons or blow dryers are safe for use on your wig. Just be sure to choose styling products that match your wig hair type. Now, enjoy!


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