Brushing My Freeda Wig

brushBrushing My Freeda Wig      


Which type of brush would work best for my wig? You may think it is ok to use any old brush you have lying around, but you should not. Your brush is more important than you think.



A good brush is an important tool to maintain your wig. The right brush and using the brush properly will keep your wig in good condition.



The bristles are important. Anything cracked or with the protective heads missing can pull and damage the hair or pull hair out of the wig.  You’ll want to make sure all the bristles in the brush are going the same direction and that the protective coating on the ends is intact. Any brushes that aren’t like this should be tossed.



There are a range of brushes all types, sizes and prices. There are brushes that cost a dollar and those that cost hundreds. The right brush won’t cause split ends and will keep all the hair where it’s suppose to be – in your wig.


A flat paddle brush is a good option for a human hair wig. As long as you make sure that the wig is in good condition a brush from the drug store will work just fine.


Some advice from the Freeda pros to keep in mind:


  •    -Always brush from the bottom up. Remove the knots at the end and work your way up until your wig is free of all snags.



  •    -When brushing your hair wet you can spray a detangler or Moroccan oil to remove any knots. Be very careful when brushing the hair while it’s wet. Wet hair is more fragile than dry hair so use care when brushing to avoid any damage to the hair.





Take time and care when you are brushing your Freeda wig. Be gentle with the hair and it will serve you for many years to come.






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