Bridal Hair and Wigs


Bridal Hair and Wigs

      June is a month that beckons to brides. Maybe it’s the soft colors of new blooming flowers or the weather that allows for picnics in the park. June sees a spike in celebrations of matrimony over all other months, making June the most popular month for marriage.     In many traditional Jewish communities, women wear head coverings after marriage. It is a mistake to believe that the commandment is meant to make a married woman modest and unattractive to other men. On the contrary, from the Jewish perspective, modesty has nothing to do with being unattractive. The explanation for modesty when covering ones hair is a means to create privacy. A hair covering accomplishes this, which is why Freeda is proud to create wigs that are beautiful, luxurious, and more attractive than ones hair.     Brides wait with alacrity to don their wigs often opting to use their wigs on their wedding day, even though it would be the last time they weren't required to cover. They want the beautiful hair the wig can offer with fullness and length that their own hair would not be able to achieve. The bridal styles below are created with Freeda wigs.       oscar2           braid           braids         Picture4            

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