Bobby Pinned Wigs; Les Deux


Bobby Pinned Wigs; Les Deux


As a part two of bobby pin love, we move on to wig styles we love created with bobby pins. These are not styles with pins buried inconspicuously and out of sight. These awesome styles that feature exposed bobby pins. There’s no perfectly placed pins here. In perfect disarray these  styles can’t be wrong.       Here are some of our favorite looks. Exposed bobby pins are a great way to have fun with your wig without commitment. To change the look again simply pull out the pins and gently shake out the wig.      


I love the juxtaposition of this glamour up-do dressed down by vertically placed bobby pins.  There’s really no right way to wear this style, this style looks great messy or neat.  For more formal occasions use dressy pins to add a little glam and sparkle.       bobbypin4     This next wig has a similar half pulled back style. The pins are placed in a triangular shape at the base. Use fun colored bobby pins or place in multiples of two to give some excitement to your wig. A snowflake or a twinkling star is a simple way to add sparkle or festivity to your wig.      


To execute these styles spray the bobby pins with dry shampoo for better grip on the hair. It seems every time a bobby pin is needed if you search the floor long enough you are almost guaranteed to find one. It’s impossible to keep track of those things. This great tip will help avoid that problem. Attach the desired length of magnet behind a cabinet in your beauty station.  The bobby pins will stay in place and gone will be the days of fishing those pins out of the bottom of your makeup bag.         clever-13     The best thing about these styles is how non committal they are to any style your wig is in. It’s a fun and easy way to give your look a change and no skill is needed. Anyone can play around and create their own version of this style that suits them. Have you a favorite look? Please share with us!           bobbypin7         bobbypin8          


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