Being Thankful

Thanksgiving is a day where we think about the things we are grateful for.

At Freeda we are grateful for the opportunity to help women look their best, we are grateful to have the opportunity to give hair to someone without, and we are grateful to all of you who continue to support our company.

We so appreciate those of you who take time to share your gratitude with us. Here are some of the feedback and testimonials they shared.  We’ve omitted or changed any names.

“Just want you to know what a happy experience we had at your showroom. Marsha and I both said we wish we could have stayed longer simply to hang out with you.I am sure I will love my new hair. Please send it on!Thanks so much for your skill, helpfulness, and friendliness!Hope our paths will cross again!”

“I sincerely appreciate your customer service.  You make me feel like I am more than a customer; feel more like I am part of a team and we are all working toward a very satisfying end result.”

“Thank you so very much.  I have received such good service from you. This type of customer service is rarely found. Thank you again”

“Hello, I wanted to update you on my purchase, the wig is wonderful. I have not had unprocessed hair in a very long time. This wig brought tears to my eyes, tears of joy. I have Alopecia total since I was 3 years old I am 50 now. The cap is the perfect size. “

“I appreciate your very good product, excellent customer service and quick shipping.  More than you know.  Losing hair is hard enough on it's own, then the hunt for replacement is extremely time consuming, frustrating and expensive.  Wish I would have tried you earlier - I had to learn the hard way that you definitely get what you pay for!”

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help. I really love my wig and can’t wait to wear it”  

Thank you so much to all of you, we are truly thankful to you all.



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