Being Thankful

Giving Thanks

      Today we practice being thankful for our friends and family. We don’t always think about the little things that we assume we'll always have, the things we don’t think about until we are face to face with something we never quite realized we took for granted.     I never thought I’d look in the mirror and see my hair shedding. I never thought I’d see bald spots that got bigger every single day. I dreaded waking up to see hair on my pillow or in the bottom of the shower. I felt desperate and angry. I didn’t know what life would be like without hair.     Today I am grateful for my wig. I’m grateful to look beautiful every time I put it on. I’m grateful that it took away the despair I felt when losing my hair. I’m grateful when people compliment me on the street about my thick gorgeous hair. I’m grateful for Freeda wigs and the angels that helped me, held my hand, and made sure my wig was perfect. I’m grateful to smile again when I look at in the mirror. My wig has changed my life and I’m grateful for it.     Today think of something small that you are grateful for. Do something kind for someone who has less than you. Be thankful for your friends and family. Count your blessings and realize how lucky we are. Thank you again Freeda, you’ve made today and everyday brighter for me.   *Today's post is by an anonymous guest blogger superlongblog2


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