Bananas for Buns

The "bun" is a hairstyle that has been around for a long time. The hair is pulled back off the face and resembles the circular pastry with the same name, (think cinnamon bun).
 Buns originated in Ancient Greece were they were worn low and adorned with jewelry, and used to show someone's status. In Chinese culture buns were used to differentiate between married women and single girls who wore their hair in braids. In ballet buns are worn so that the focus is on the dancing and not distracted by moving hair.
Nowadays the bun works just as well on a lazy beach day as well as on the red carpet. We've seen the sock bun, the knot bun, the messy bun, and the chignon. Even the "man-bun" is having its ten minutes.  When wearing a wig a bun is a great way to stretch the style a few more days until you can get your next blowout, or if you simply want your wig in an up-do. One of the best parts of the bun is, the next day, when you take the hair down to perfectly un-done waves.
An other trend that is showing itself all over social media is the half-bun , or as stylist and hair connoisseurs refer to it, the "hun". Celebrities have been seen sporting it, even Kate Middleton is a fan.  The hun it exactly what it sounds like, half the hair pulled up in a bun while the other half hangs loose. Its a great way to show off that perfect ombre, that had you sitting for 6 hours in the salon.
Happy Bunning!


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