Are You Wearing A Wig?

How to Deal With THAT Question- Are You Wearing a Wig?

There are so many emotions, things to learn and a whole new experience when you first start wearing a wig. You’ll think about telling people, who you might tell and whether you want to keep the information private.  Whether you decide keep this information private or feel confident about sharing it is up to you and there’s no right way.  

While most know that it’s impolite to ask certain questions there are those that may cross that line. It’s a good idea to think about how you might answer that question so you aren’t caught off guard.

“That question” can be “Are you wearing a wig?”, “Is that your hair”, or you may even feel taken aback from just any comment about your hair.

If you feel like you want to keep the information private you’re under no obligation to explain that you’re wearing a wig even if someone asks. Customers tell us that they feel bad accepting a compliment when someone says “your hair is so beautiful” or comments about how thick it is and such. Don’t feel bad! Your wig looks beautiful!

If someone asks you directly if it’s your hair don’t feel bad saying yes. It IS your hair. You purchased it and it’s yours.

There is no shame in wearing a wig. Answering “I am” when someone asks you can be empowering.  Because wearing a wig is a private matter it’s often stigmatized. When someone answers proudly it can take away the stigma that wearing a wig often has. It can also be an opportunity to educate someone on the sensitivity one should have when asking someone that question.

How do you deal with this question when you choose to keep your wig wearing a private matter? Let us know if you have an experience to share with our community.

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