All You Need To Know About Parting Your Wig

Training your part


You wouldn’t believe what a world of a difference your wig experience will be after you learn how to “train” the part.

It’s so simple and will change so much in your wig experience.

Here’s why we do it. The wigs come from our factory with an intended hair direction and part. Once the wig is yours the part will change to suit you and perhaps the direction of the way you wear the wig. A multi directional crown can be parted in every direction but sometimes it takes some effort for the wig to “cooperate”. Until then, people often find they are fighting with a direction that seems to have a mind of its own.  These steps will help fix that problem. (We also have other solutions if you need more assistance.)



Here’s how it’s done:

Training the part starts with a wig that has been washed before it has dried. First the wig should be wash, part changed as desired, and then blow-dried.


Next, pin the wig on a foam or canvas wig head

Using T-pins pin the bangs away from the face a lot higher than you’d like them to fall.


Make an exaggerated pin curl, and pin into place


Repeat each time you place your wig on a foam head.

After a short time your bangs will fall into place perfectly in an off the face direction.





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