Pipe Braids



If you read this blog you’ll know that I’ll never get tired of braids. I love braided styles, for all different occasions, on all lengths of hair, and all seasons.


Now that warm weather is finally here and it’s outdoor-music-festival season, braided hairstyles will be a centerpiece and focus style which will last as long as the weather is warm. Braided hair is the perfect  solution of a of a polished or  statement look, that allows the hair pulled back and away for warm weather activities like, enjoying outdoor music, walks on the beach , or an evening out.  This style can be a lifesaver during those humid hot days.


Lately a new style braid has been exploding all over social media.  It’s called the pipe braid;  a hybrid of the infinity braid, the French braid and the twist, created by Nikki Welch (who also created the “S wave”).  Reminiscent of the friendship bracelets you made in overnight camp this braid uses a similar technique.






An interesting fact- Welch used sailor knots and other similar tying methods for inspiration, trying to achieve the durability that “tight-to-the-scalp” braids offer. It took her months to figure out the perfect wrapping technique, but she got it.


This braided style will take practice. Here’s a step by step guide on how to get your pipe braiding technique up to par from the expert herself.  Try this style half up, in a loose version or anything else you can think of.



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